Monday, August 2, 2010

This is why The Dude abides.

A dear friend visited from Florida and bestowed upon your humble writer a gift of home-made Kahlua, which called for something delicious. That's right, cats and kittens, White Russians.

Normally, especially in the summer, I'm not one for milk/cream based cocktails, because that can lead to some ugly gastric situations depending on what happens after you have the first one, but we were tired and just wanted something simple and tasty after a weekend of camping and hiking while we sat around and absorbed some air conditioning.

My friend asked, "Are those the ones that taste like chocolate milk?" I said, "Yes indeed, they are." The whole crew then stepped in, and we got to mixing.

I apologize for the lack of photo, but I've got another jar waiting to be cracked open, so I'll take a picture at another juncture. These were just too delicious, and we drank them rapidly and with aplomb.


1 shot Vodka
2 shots Kahlua
1 shot Half and Half

We were out of ice, so the liquor went into a double old fashioned glass, followed by the half and half, and topped with a shot of milk. Stirred it up, tasted, and it was delicious. We finished those, and after a few minutes, another friend said, "That was good, but it needed more chocolate." The group concurred, and we made seconds, this time adding some chocolate syrup.

Oh. Oh dear. We sat around, sipping and laughing; the adults in us pleased with the slight sophistication of a cocktail lunch, and the kids in us reveling in the sweet chocolate flavor.

I regret not watching The Big Lebowski while we sipped, but we were in the mood for something funnier, so we watched An Officer and a Gentleman, throwing around Lou Gosset Jr. quotes and giggling at Richard Gere's daddy issues.

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