Friday, December 24, 2010

Have yourself a merry one.

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Few other things will reduce me to childlike wonder like Christmas Eve. I guess it has to do with my upbringing; leaving the music and the lights on all night, eating and laughing with friends and family, looking outside for Santa's sleigh, (shut up! Santa's out there!), it's just plain magic; the one day of the year when I'm hard pressed to think anything bad about anybody, and if I do, I feel bad. It's that feeling on the air-however many million kids out there waiting to see if their wishes come true; it's adults just sitting together, spending precious time with each other; it's every grandma baking cookies and getting the turkey ready; it's moms and dads trying to be quiet putting together toys, trying not to have too much fun playing with the G.I. Joe Command Center while the kiddies are asleep. It's lovers holding each other close against the cold, friends laughing away the midnight chimes, and then there's me, pressing my hands against the window, looking at the night sky, touching everyone I know and care about with a wish, a simple wish, be happy. If only for today, be happy. Merry Christmas, everybody.

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